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About Us

Leadz Enterprise (ERP) Our fully-integrated ENTERPRISE software provides complete control over the planning and management of all facets of your business processes, analysis and reporting, management and control, execution and operations as well as external integration with other software.

LEADZ ENTERPRISE is developed using the most advanced technology with embedded industry leading functionalities that is required from day to day to get the best out of your products.

Leadz Enterprise includes the following modules ; Sales Module , Supply Chain Management, Financial Accounting , Inventory Management, Production Management , Human Resources and Payroll, Fixed Assets Management, Customer Relation Management, Point of Sales and Report Module .

Leadz Enterprise closes the widening gap between the volume of data and the organization’s ability to use it effectively. The LEADZ ENTERPRISE business intelligence tool helps organizations to make key modular information available easily without searching through standardized and customized reports .

The LEADZ ENTERPRISE menu and user interface is fully customizable and configurable, LEADZ ENTERPRISE incorporates full work flow capabilities aimed at securing the system from unauthorized access. Security measures range from login authentication to password and access levels configured per operator against transactions, activities and fields

LEADZ ENTERPRISE is fully integrated with Microsoft Office. Triggers and Events enable the system to trap any anomalies or events that need to be actioned when they happen. All these tools provide for an extended enterprise and communication with business partners.

The software’s modular approach allows companies to define how best to use LEADZ ENTERPRISE technology to meet their exact requirements, and license only those components they need. By adopting a single-source approach that does not require external application to run the business, LEADZ ENTERPRISE underlying structure and processes, as well as the look and feel, have remained the same, making it easy for people to learn new features of the software and to grow and progress with the product over the years.


Our ERP Modules

Sales Management

Maintains Full Customer details , customer specific defaults , Price levels ,Credit Limits , tracks transaction from Contract to Invoicing

Supply Chain Management

Full Vendor setup , Vendor Specific defaults, Purchase order management, GRN , Service Purchase , Debit memo and Returns management

Financial Accounting

Details Ledger setup, Opening Balance handling , Basic account Vouchers ( Payment Voucher, receipt voucher, Journal entries , etc )

Human Resources and Payroll Management

Manage Employee details setup , employee defaults , Leave management , Staff loan and advance management, Training management

Inventory Management

Leadz Enterprise Provides Inventory management system by using an efficient procurement process to track inventory items from the supplier

Production Management

Efficient Single Stage and Multistage Production Process as well as Production Variance reports for each Batch, the production system

Fixed Assets Management

Set up New and Brought forward assets , asset depreciation ( Monthly) , Asset Maintenance details asset ledger

Project Management

Manage Projects ( Cost and Time based ) , Project time lines management , project profitability , project teams , Project Budget

Point of Sales

Point of sales handling , Multilocation point of sales